Sale Conditions


  • Regular Order: mean the purchase of a regular product maintained in inventory by Espace Plomberium.
  • Special Order: mean the purchase of a special product selected in a supplier catalog and not maintained in inventory by Espace Plomberium. A special order cannot be cancelled.

Sales Conditions

After having revised and signed your order assisted by your sales representative, the purchaser makes a commitment to accept the terms and conditions of sales of Espace Plomberium. In return, the vendor makes a commitment to post and describe them through our sales representatives.

Terms of Payment

  • At the emission of a regular order, the purchaser has to pay a minimum deposit representing 25 % of the total of the invoice. At the emission of a special order, the purchaser has to pay a non refundable minimum deposit representing 50 % of the total of the invoice. The balance due can be paid in person at the store 48 hours before the delivery date or to the delivery personnel before the unloading or when you pick-up the goods.
  • The accepted methods of payment are: cash order, certified check, Interac, Visa and Master Card credit card. The indicated prices are in Canadian dollars.

Merchandise Delivery

  • The delivery will be made from Monday to Friday between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm according to your availability and the availability of our delivery trucks. You will be informed one hour before our arrival to make sure that there will be a major person (18 years +) on place who is able to sign and to inspect the goods. Any packages in poor condition or product not corresponding to your purchases must be told to the driver and written on the delivery slip. It is also possible to pick-up your goods at the Montreal warehouse located at, 3901 Jarry East Street, H1Z 2G1.
  • Delivery fees will be applied on each delivery according to the distance of the destination. Sales people will confirm the amount to be charged.

  • Extra delivery fees can be added to the invoice based on the weight and/or the volume of the delivered products.
  • Delivery of specific products (such as products made of cast iron, stone, etc.) will be made by the manufacturer and all the extra delivery fees will be paid by the purchaser.
  • We cannot be held responsible for any inconvenient caused by delivery delays of our manufacturers or by any event that is out of our control. 
  • In the case of an urgent delivery sent via Purolator; the delivery fees will be totally assumed by the purchaser. Any request to modify the delivery date must be done at latest 48 hours before the scheduled date. In absence of a responsible person to receive the goods, an additional delivery fees for the subsequent delivery.
  • Delivery is usually to the ground floor lobby or in the garage of buildings.

  • The responsibility of the purchaser before the delivery is to make sure that the doorways, the door width, the stairways, the elevator and the storage area are large enough to enable the delivery personnel to easily put down and place the goods. For reasons of health and safety at work the delivery personnels are not authorized to remove their footwear, you have to protect your floors in an adequate way.
  • Espace Plomberium is dependent on manufacturer’s supplies and can therefore not be held responsible for late deliveries.

Reserved goods, layaways

A deposit will be required for any merchandise to be reserved or layaway. If the goods are not claimed after 45 days from the purchase’s date, the customer deposits cannot be refunded.


Further to the reception of your goods, any abnormality concerning the packaging or the product must be declare to the delivery personnel and must be written on the delivery slip. Claim must be done 48 hours further to the reception of the goods. The Claim must be done to your sales representative.

Merchandise Return

  • Any goods returned from a regular order are subjected to 25 % of restocking fees. Any goods exchanged is subject to a handling fee of 10 % based on the value of the good returned.
  • Any claim to return or exchange goods from a special order will at any time be refused.
  • Any return must be claimed inside a period of time of 30 days further to the reception date. The goods have to be in its original packaging, not damage and have to be in perfect condition.
  • No return or exchange will be accepted on the following goods: tools, thermostats, electric parts, toilet seats and liquidation.


Warranty on products are exclusively offered and supported by the manufacturers. Any claims about a product on warranty must be directly submit to the manufacturer. Always keep the original invoice for the whole period of the warranty of your products, without this proof the warranty is non-valid. Espace Plomberium is not responsible for the claims on warranty. We can supply you the coordinates of the manufacturers.

Sales Taxes

Current sales taxes GST and QST are not included in our sales prices.

Limits of Contract

Only the goods and information described on the invoice are subject to the terms and conditions herein. Installation, repair or other similar services are not includes.

Technical Data

All drawing, descriptive matter, dimensions and performance data submit by the purchaser in accordance with its requirements reside under its responsibility. Espace Plomberium is not responsible of the exactitude of the purchaser technical data.

Limitation of Liability

The liability of Espace Plomberium will not under any circumstances exceed the purchase price of the goods furnished and in no event shall Espace Plomberium be liable for any indirect, consequential, incidental, exemplary or loss of any kinds allegedly sustained by purchaser.

Accord D

A deposit will be required when the client does not pay the total amount of the invoice at the signature. This deposit will be refunded when there will be a full payment of the invoice on Accord D. No deposit will be required when the client pays all of his order on Accord D.

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